Spring Cleaning for Your Health

Healty Habits Exercise, spring cleaning for your health

Winter had plenty of fun to offer, but in many places it also meant more time indoors—and opportunities to share illnesses such as the flu among loved ones. Are you ready from some spring cleaning for your health? As we move past peak flu season and head into spring, there are plenty of opportunities to […]

How Toxic is your Home?

Drugs don't heal

How Toxic is your Home? Many store-bought air fresheners and household cleaners contain toxic chemicals, spreading them throughout your home every time you use them. You’ve probably used these products for years, and may be thinking to yourself that you’ve yet to experience any side effects. But did you know that prolonged use can cause […]

What Makes Essential Oils ‘Essential’?

For those who haven’t used them, essential oils might seem strange, new or both. The word “oil” has plenty of meanings, depending on the context. It might be used in cooking, as with vegetable oil, or in driving, as with motor oil. I started using essential oils for my family after a friend shared with […]

Meditation Inspired by Glass

Glass Flower Meditation

Meditation comes in many forms.  For me it is when I contemplate things internally.  Sometimes I write down the thoughts I have when I think about all sorts of stuff.  Sometimes I read the bible and pray over something that caught my eye and caused me to meditate on.  Meditation can be short or long, […]

Eliminate Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

This time of year causes me and particularly my husband a lot of stress. We still have the daily grid that we have each day; work, school, home maintenance and regular family obligations.  Now add the additional obligations all the holidays bring and WOW, no amount of Stress Away essential oil can make it go […]

Support your body with Essential Oils

Body System Supporting Essential Oils

The newly reformulated Everyday Oils Collection brings you 10 of Young Living’s most popular essential oils and blends. Here are just a few examples of which oils in the Everyday Oil Collection support specific body systems: Emotions: Lemon, Frankincense, Stress Away, Lavender, and Joy* Endocrine system (glands): Frankincense* Cardiovascular system (cardiovascular (heart, blood, blood vessels) […]

Top 8 Tips for Beating Brain Fog

Brain Fog

Brain fog is frustrating.  I feel it when I am trying to remember something but I can’t quite grasp what it is. You know it’s something you DO know but just can’t quite get it to come to the surface of your mind. It feels to me like my thought processes are all gummed up, […]