6 Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

As days lengthen and the sun peeks out from behind clouds, our minds turn to the rebirth of spring. It’s also natural to turn our minds indoors at this time of year. After all: We’ve been holed up for the past several months, and there’s no better time than the present to freshen our entire […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Health

Healty Habits Exercise, spring cleaning for your health

Winter had plenty of fun to offer, but in many places it also meant more time indoors—and opportunities to share illnesses such as the flu among loved ones. Are you ready from some spring cleaning for your health? As we move past peak flu season and head into spring, there are plenty of opportunities to […]

When the Dog Bites – Bite back with DiGize Essential Oil


Helping me stomach all that flavor!  By Guest Blogger Jim Morris Yogi Bear’s Holy Grail was a picnic basket. Wimpy loves a good burger. Heck, even svelte Fraulein Maria craves schnitzel with noodles. Some of my favorite things would include sweet, tangy and calorific Beijing Beef, fall of the bone Baby Back Ribs and mountainous […]

Essential Motivation to Exercise

Exercise treadmill

You know you need to exercise, but getting out the door for a walk or a run is sometimes much more difficult than it seems. Particularly during the holidays, you just don’t have the time or you are too busy adding more calories to burn off. You’ve got all the excuses in the world not […]