Reduce Stress: Follow your Passion

Jim Marathon FinishRecently my husband and I traveled together and were each able to follow our passion and as a side benefit reduce stress while we were away (no kids!).

Jim ran the Santa Barbara Marathon and I got to photograph birds that are not native to our neck of the woods.

One of the most well-known stress busters is exercise and Jim gets a ton of this by running, even when not preparing for a marathon. The benefits of running are many:

• Gives you time alone to mull issues and problems over
• Studies show that regular runners say they live a happier, more stress-free life than other household members
• Running releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormone in the body. Its chemical properties actually help quell pain and slows the aging process, relieves stress and anxiety and enhances the immune system.

Even though the temperatures were supposed to be in the high 60’s, it was 83 degrees when Jim crossed the finish line. Heat wave in Santa Barbara, just his luck. But the accomplishment of Marathon number 10 released more endorphins and he survived!

My LesliePhotopassion is photography, in particular bird photography. I specialize in birds that live and migrate along the Pacific Flyway in the Sacramento Valley. I got my feel good endorphin rush chasing birds that I do not normally get to photograph. Sitting quietly on the beach at sunrise and sunset watching and photographing the Black Skimmers skim and the dolphins frolic in the harbor helped recharge my batteries and I was able to return home to tackle the daily grind with renewed strength!

Black Skimmer skimmingBlack Skimmers






Reduce your stress, recharge your batteries:  Take time to follow your passion. What is your passion?  I would love to hear about it.  Post your passion and how it helps reduce stress levels for you in the comment section below!

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