Meditation Inspired by Glass

Glass Flower MeditationMeditation comes in many forms.  For me it is when I contemplate things internally.  Sometimes I write down the thoughts I have when I think about all sorts of stuff.  Sometimes I read the bible and pray over something that caught my eye and caused me to meditate on.  Meditation can be short or long, in a quiet place or in a busy place.  I love our minds, we can work out so much in them!  I spend a lot of time in my head, that is how I roll.

Glass is what got me thinking inside my head the other day.  Shiny glass bulbs on a Christmas tree and reflections in the tall buildings on a sunny day.  Glass is part of our everyday life. It’s used for fine works of art and you see it in ordinary household objects. When you think about it, glass possesses many characteristics that we can use to meditate on our every day lives.

‣ Meditation on Transparency

One of the first things we notice about glass is that you can see through it. Imagine how your life would be different without anything to cover up. Keeping hurts inside can cause anxiety and drain us of our energy. Many people talk about the virtues of transparency, but it takes courage to fully reveal ourselves.

1. Think about your the things you keep inside. Make a list of them. Maybe you’re reluctant to let others know your weaknesses or there’s an event from your past you keep hidden.
2. Examine your motives. There are good reasons to keep some information confidential, like when you’re trying to protect someone’s privacy. On the other hand, you may be ignoring something you’d be better off discussing with someone.
3. Imagine being more open. Picture yourself revealing more. Ask yourself if having fewer thoughts kept inside would make you feel more at ease.
4. Unveil yourself. Get one thing off your chest. Tell someone your correct age or let a coworker know that you need help to meet a deadline.

‣ Meditation on ReflectionsMeditation Rose Reflection

A mirror reflects whatever appears before it. To some extent, we’re all products of our environment.

1. Contemplate your surroundings. Describe the settings where you spend the majority of your time. Form an image of your home and workplace. Or maybe you spend long hours in your car.
2. Assess your feelings. Connect with how your environment influences your emotions. Discover when you feel relaxed and when you feel tense.
3. Focus on factors that make you feel good. Figure out what settings work best for you. Maybe you thrive on peace and quiet or perhaps you like a lot of background activity.
4. Redecorate one area. Take what you learn and make one spot more comfortable for yourself. Put a vase of flowers on your desk at the office or clear the clutter out of the back seat of your car.

‣ Meditation on Light

Shining light on glass brings out its beauty. You see its full color and translucency. In the same way, a cheerful attitude makes us feel sunnier and more attractive.

1. Laugh a little. Spend a few moMedidation Colorments laughing. It’s okay if it’s feels un-natural at first. It will soon become an authentic experience with some practice. Watching funny animal videos on YouTube helps get into practice!
2. Savor the feeling. Enjoy the physical and mental sensations. Notice how your heart rate increases and your face flushes. Appreciate how your stress level decreases and you feel more relaxed.
3. Share your joy. Invite others to participate in your glee. Spend time playing with your children or throw a costume party.

‣ Meditation on Cleanliness

A glass window looks dramatically different after it’s been cleaned. When you remove the surface grime, the whole room brightens up. Our minds often need to be “polished” as well.Cat at window meditation

1. Observe your thoughts. Review what’s on your mind. Are you still replaying the traffic jams you encountered during your morning commute or are you giving your undivided attention to your work?
2. Identify impurities. Recognize which of your thoughts are dragging you down. You may be telling yourself that your thighs are too big or wishing the weather would be better.
3. Generate positive thoughts. Transform your way of looking at things. Congratulate yourself for trying to lose weight or think of how good the weather is for your garden.

There are just a few things that glass can teach teach us all about living a happier and more meaningful life.

To Your Health!


  1. says

    Ooh, Leslie, Pardon me, but I hadn’t thought of meditation as contemplation of the above! I’d always seen it as the ‘third eye’ thingy, which just doesn’t work for me!

    I joined a guided meditation group for a session once, which I found really peaceful; sitting in the jungle to the sound of the natural ‘jungle orchestra’ with someone reading from a tome and dinging a little bell. Very relaxing.

    And I stared at a computer image once (a specific one) and listened to a meditation that sent me to sleep. That was pretty good too!

    I really ike the idea of clearing the head by looking at what may be holding you back, slowing you down/whatever and and considering that as a meditation too.

    In fact, I decided to clear some ugly stuff from my desk this week that I’ve been avoiding (decided this afternoon!) so that the New Year brings only happy things at my computer. Am whizzing through it and feeling pretty good so far!

    Meditation sorted for this week then. Ta da!!!

    Thanks for this. Superb!

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