Keep Calm and Bake Paleo Muffins!

The most stressful time for me in the morning revolves around getting breakfast into my family before they start the day.  We all know and have been told from dozens of sources that “breakfast if the most important meal of the day”.

Well, that may be but if yMuffinsBakedou are like me your morning looks like this: You get up get a cup of coffee and pack kids lunches. Then it’s time to get the kids up, dressed and fed.  Prodding them along every step of the way. Then it’s time for them to get their teeth brushed, backpacks checked and loaded in to the car for the trip to school.  Then I am off to a photo shoot, to teach a class, errands or some other important function away from home. Guess who did not get the most important meal of the day? Yep, Me!

My past solution was to either grab whatever is handy, maybe a banana or worse yet stop at Starbucks and get a sweet coffee and something out of the cabinet to hold me until I can get to lunch. Not the healthiest of choices and often causes me to have sugar crash and grumbling stomach way before lunchtime.

I now have the perfect solution to mornings like these: PalPaleoPumpkinMuffinIngredientseo Style Pumpkin Muffins. They are not only good for you but two of them pack enough protein (11 grams) for a meal and one makes a great high protein snack. They are incredibly filling as well.  These Muffins freeze really, really well. Spend one day making a couple of dozen and then you have breakfast on the go when you really need it!

This recipe is so simple that all you have to do is throw all the ingredients into a bowl and stir then pour into muffin cups or tins and bake away!   You don’t even have to break out the hand-held mixPaleoPumpkininBowler for this one, just stir!

I have also disguised these as a healthy after school high protein snack or even a dessert by throwing some mini-chocolate chips into them (use whatever you want as a sweet treat – carob, raisins, or even dates)!

I have adapted this recipe from the best site I have yet to find Paleo Recipes


1 ½ cups Almond Flour (TIP: If you sift the almond flour the muffins will be a little fluffier in texture)
¾ Cup Canned Pumpkin (or cook and puree pumpkin – this will never happen in my busy house!)MuffinsMixwithChoco
3 Large Eggs
1tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 ½ tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
1/8 tsp sea salt
¼ Cup Raw Honey (optional – we still use the honey as we wean off of processed sugar)
2 tsp Almond Butter
Optional: Other ingredients for treat like muffins: Mini Chocolate Chips, Raisins, Carob, Dates etc.


  • Preheat Oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Coat muffin tins with coconut oil (if using muffin cups add ½ tsp of melted coconut oil to batter)
  • Mix all together and pour evenly into tins
  • Depending on how hot your oven runs, bake for 25 minutes. My oven runs hot and I check them at 15 and depending on how full my cups are, they are often already done.

    TIP: It is easy to overcook these, so check them at 15 minutes to see how they are doing!

    My Son RJ thinks they are cupcakes!
    My son RJ thinks they are cupcakes!

    IMPORTANT NOTE!  These are picky kid tested with or without chocolate chips in them!

    I hope this helps in one small way to help you get breakfast even while you are on the go!


  1. says

    Leslie, this looks fab! Not sure we can get the pumpkin parts of the recipe here. Apart from fresh pumpkin around Halloween time!

    Is there anything else we could replace it with? I can’t bake cakes for toffee. Never been a baker. All advice welcome and I may try this and freeze them. I always freeze little cakes I make.

    I’m gluten free by choice at the moment by the way (won’t bore you with the reason, but it’s for health reasons, although I’m not coeliac).

    Thank you!

    • Leslie Morris says

      I am not Celiac either, but have found that I feel so much better when I eliminate gluten when I can. I wonder if any squash puree might work. At least pumpkin puree is easier to find this time of year. I will be posting soon with our second favorite gluten free muffin recipe – Paleo Banana Carrot Muffins. Taste just like carrot cake! But it is not quite as easy as this one so I make sure to make a bunch at a time – they go so fast!


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