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Energy:  Are you tired and lack afternoon energy?

Do you rely on caffeine or even worse, sugary drinks to provide energy through that afternoon slump?  Are you tired of scary side effects like “the jitters” or even heart palpation’s and then the dreaded CRASH when the energy drink effects wear off?

What if I tell you there is an energy drink out there that can give you an extended period of energy without negative side effects?  One with actual GOOD side effect of boosting your immune system and actually helping you becoming healthier?

Check out this humorous video and then read on!

My whole family began a 30 days of NingXia Red Challenge along with our group of hundreds of other Young Living Essential Oils users on the Baby Steps to Essential Oils Team.  We started the challenge on the first day of school when all the bugs began to come home courtesy of our 11 year old son.

Result of the 30 Day Challenge:  No one got sick!  (But there were bugs circulating at school, icky ones!)  Everyone’s energy level was up and we felt great!  We felt so good in fact that we continue to drink two ounces of NingXia Red a day to keep our energy levels up and to keep boosting our immune systems.  (Our son RJ, who is 11, gets one ounce a day).

Have we gotten sick since starting to drink NingXia Red?  Yep, we all got a cold just this last month (late February) NOTHING prior to that.  It lasted all of 5 days – 5 days!  We needed no OTC or RX drugs to help get through it, it was very mild.  My son had several friends out of school for over a week with this one, he missed ZERO days!  Everything we needed to help us along was in our natural medicine cabinet.  Our bodies were equipped for battle with wonderful immunity boosting oils and supplements that aided our immune system in kicking that bug right out of our system fast!  My son likes to call the oils and supplements in our natural medicine cabinet Trojan Horses that help our bodies maintain health and balance without being detected and causing negative side effects.

Take a look at this interesting video that explains what NingXia Red does to your blood cells just 15 minutes after drinking it!

NOTE:  This is an older video so the prices have changed slightly but the value to your health and energy is unchanged!

So, how do you get NingXia Red to boost your energy and health?

  1. If you are already a Young Living Member – GO GET SOME!
  2. If you are not already a Young Living Member – JOIN NOW and select the NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit!

NingXiaRedPremiumStarterKit Energy and Wellness DrinkThis Money Saving Premium Starter Kit contains:

  1. Two 750ml Bottles of NingXia Red Juice
  2. One box of 30 2 ounce packets of NingXia Red for on the go (they also make great slushies if you freeze them!)
  3. One box of 14 NingXia Nitro (Cognitive Fitness) boosters (extra energy again without the jitters)
  4. Wholesale Membership to Young Living ($40 value) which will allow you to purchase subsequent product at a 24% discount with no obligation to purchase anything else or to sell – really NO OBLIGATION at all!
  5. Included in the pictured box with the purple Young Living Graphic is the following:  Welcome to Young Living booklet, Essential Oils at a Glance user’s guide, Member Resource Guide, S.E.E.D. Sharing for Success booklet, Citrus Fresh Essential Oil 5-ml, AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment, two sample sachets each of: Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming®, Lemon, and Thieves®, two NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples, Business cards sample pack, Member Agreement, Product Guide
  6. Access to our Exclusive Baby Steps to Essential Oils Group which offers FREE monthly trainings and IF you are interested in the Business side – Business training and mentoring.  Learn more about this HERE.
  7. FREE Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Life Science Publishing  a $25 value!   (Any Premium Starter Kit selected comes with this BONUS directly from me.)

All of this for $160 plus shipping and handling – this is OVER a $300 value!

Are you ready to boost your energy and health and wellness with NingXia Red?

Get your NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit NOW right HERE When you get to the point to select a starter kit, scroll through until you find the NingXia Red Kit!  It is that simple!

Please let me know if you have any questions about NingXia Red or Young Living.  I love to talk about how these product have made amazing changes to our family’s health and wellness!

To your health!

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