Team Baby Steps Extras!

Team Baby Steps LogoWhen you become a Young Living Member you will be assigned a random Sponsor unless you choose one.  Don’t let that happen, make sure you join the team that will offer you the BEST support – Team Baby Steps to Essential Oils.

I would LOVE to be your sponsor.

When you join my team, you become a member of a larger team called Baby Steps to Essential Oils where thousands of people help each other learn and grow together in their journey to balance their bodies.

People who join Young Living and become part of my team enjoy the following benefits:

• One-one-one mentoring from me and other leaders in my team. Team Baby Steps to Essential Oils is one of the largest and most unique groups in Young Living, you will not be left to figure this out all by yourself!

• A FREE 300 Page Reference Guide to help you understand and learn mora bout how to use each oil offered by Young Living. ($25 Value)

• Access to private Facebook groups with hundreds of other oilers where you can learn and share your experiences: Group topics include general, Women’s only and even pets!

• If you choose to go beyond personal use and share, I can mentor you on how to start your own Income Generating Business. Our group also offers FREE Business Builders Boot Camp (totally optional).

• Our Leaders from Baby Steps to Essential Oils offer exclusive FREE monthly Webinars with topics like: I have my oils now what? Oils and Children, Flawless: Skincare, Oils and Emotions, Oils and Intimacy, Taming the Dragon within – Oils for women’s issues, Fueled: Oils for stress, energy and vitality, Men’s Issues – a new topic each month.

What are you waiting for?  Join Team Baby Steps to Essential Oils HERE today and you will be added to my team and I will contact you to help you get started balancing your busy family using these amazing essential oils.

If you have any questions, please contact me HERE.

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