Essential Rewards Program

The Young Living Essential Rewards program makes getting Seed to Seal Guaranteed 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils, all natural dietary and vitamin supplements, non-toxic beauty and household cleaning products and more simple and rewarding  at the same time.  There are many benefits including reduced shipping rates, reduced priced product kits and a point system (PV or Point Value) that can be used to redeem for future products (you will only pay for shipping). Best of all IT’S FREE!

8871450685_334d686a3a_kI now purchase all natural, safe & effective products for my home, not just oils but cleaning products, toothpaste, lotion, hair care products, vitamin, Omega3’s, beauty products and more.  Being on Essential Rewards has allowed me to work up to eliminating toxic products from my home and at the same time allows me to earn back points on the things I already purchase and then redeem them for FREE product!  I have saved so much money over time.

If you’re a Young Living Member, or interested in becoming one, here’s how the Essential Rewards program can help you.  You do NOT have to build a business to enjoy the perks of Essential Rewards.

Read this before you place another order:

If you aren’t already, make sure you’re a “wholesale member” so you get the 24% off.  If you’re a Retail Customer on our team, just log in and ask Live Help to make the switch to Wholesale, call customer service or contact me and I can help you make the switch.

Here are all the wonderful benefits of being enrolled FREE in the Essential Rewards Program:

1. Flat rate shipping ($6.98) – It could be more if you are ordering NingXia Red – Young Living’s absolutely amazing anti-oxidant drink (my absolute favorite Young Living product) – because it comes in glass bottles and is heavy!

2. Option to change shipping date each month to meet your needs

3. Option to change order each month, and exclusive options to purchase special “Essential Rewards” kits that are discounted and not available on regular orders. You don’t have to ever buy one of these kits, they are just a really great deal if you need what is in them – the Thieves Kit and NingXia Red Kits are simply amazing and the cheapest way to get these products.

4. Earn points each month for free products in the future, 10% back the first 6 months, 15% back the next 6 months, then 20% forever at a year and beyone.  Now how much do you save when you are a Wholesale Member with a 24% discount off of retail prices AND an Essential Rewards member?  It sure adds up!

5. You can cancel your membership at anytime without penalty, but make sure you use your points first or you will lose them.   You can start up again, but you will start the clock over again at the 10% back level.

6. Get one “grace period month” per year, if you need to skip a month, just call and let them know that you won’t be ordering that particular month and you will still keep your enrollment active and will not lose your points or time accrual.

YoungLivingProducts2You’ll be building up your natural & safe first aid kit and your wellness cabinet a little at a time.  Take Baby Steps and add something new each month, maybe toothpaste or shampoo.  There’s no reason NOT to sign up for Essential Rewards.   Cancel any time if you need to.

To sign up for Essential Rewards:

1. Log in to your Young Living account.

2. Click on “Essential Rewards” and follow the instructions to set up your monthly order.

3. Choose a date and save it. Make changes on your order by that date each month. (You can play with your order all month long, then finalize the day it’s processed.)  Add any products you want to order. *Remember to save your order each time you change it.*

4. Make sure your payment method is current so your order will process.

5. When you’re logged in you’ll be able to see your “Essential Rewards Points Total.” You can redeem those points for product after you have been enrolled for two consecutive months.

This is an eaNewKitsProductConventionsy way to make sure your favorite oils are always in your cabinet at all times.  Since Essential Oils area crop, they sometimes go out of stock, so if you have favorites make sure to keep one or two bottles extra in your cabinet at all times!  My favorites that I keep extras of from the Everyday Oil Collection are Lavender, Lemon, Thieves, Peppermint and Joy – you will have your favorites and new ones will be added as you learn more and more about how these amazing products can help balance the life of your busy family – there are even safe products for your pets!  This may mean rotating them through and ordering two on odd months and two on even months, whatever works best for you.  Remember you can change the products you purchase each and every month.

Make sure you sign up for Essential Rewards so you can get the cheaper shipping, and the free points.

If you try to set your Essential Rewards up towards the end of the month, you may have to pick a date in the next month as dates may already be filled for the current month.  No worries!  Just pick a date in the next month you like, fill your cart and contact me and I will “Push” it into the current month for you so you can begin earning points right away!  It is that simple.

Contact me HERE for more information, questions or help getting set up.


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