Why Essential Oils?

If you are not familiar with essential oils you may be thinking how on earth can a simple oil help me and my family achieve balance in our crazy busy life?  There are thousands of testimonies on how essential oils Bottle of Essential oil next to Lavender Planthave helped balance peoples bodies, my family is stronger, healthier and live a more abundant life because we use essential oils daily as part of our health and wellness regime.   Your benefits will be different than ours, because we are all have different make-ups and life experiences, but these oils can help change your life helping you lead a healthier, stronger, happier more abundant life!

I also LOVE to use the oils in cooking. I made killer Carnitas the other day by adding a drop of lime and orange essential oil to the mix, my family raved about them!

In a nutshell, we use essential oils as part of our health and wellness routine in our family to:

  1. Avoid doctor visits (I even like my doctor, he is on board with assisting my body balance naturally, I just only want to visit him once a year for annual check-ups or for emergencies!)
  2. To help my family support healthy body balance including emotions naturally without harmful side effects
  3. Get to the root of health issues by balancing all my body systems, allowing it to do what it does naturally.

Something VERY important to note; using essential oils and other natural supplements are just one part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; don’t forget diet and exercise and getting enough fluids and sleep.  The oils can only help balance your body, they are not drugs, and if you do not give your body all that it needs, it will be all that much harder to balance!

The information here and elsewhere on this site cannot take the place of your licensed medical professional.  I encourage you to consult qualified doctors, midwives, naturopaths, chiropractors, and most importantly the God who created our bodies and these tools for caring for our health.  My doctor is now used to me bringing in my oils and natural supplements when I visit.  I love my doctor.  If you do not have a doctor that supports natural alternatives, I encourage you to find one.  More and more traditional medical practitioners are seeing the benefits of natural mental and body system balancing options!

Now as I did, you might be asking yourself, just what are Essential Oils?  Click HERE to find out!


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