Eliminate Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress This time of year causes me and particularly my husband a lot of stress. We still have the daily grid that we have each day; work, school, home maintenance and regular family obligations.  Now add the additional obligations all the holidays bring and WOW, no amount of Stress Away essential oil can make it go away.

Starting about mid-September the holiday pressure begins raising the stress levels in our home.  It begins with our son (now 10) making a list of costumes he wants and begins to map out the route for trick-or-treating. Our son has ADHD and food allergies and cannot eat much of what he would get anyway. I really HATE Halloween for a variety of reasons, this just being one of them.  Here are a few suggestions to help alleviate the holiday stress that abounds this time of year.

1.  Find an Alternative Activity:

I fixed the Halloween stress this year thanks to a local amusement center putting on a Percy Jackson Themed party prior to the 31st, transforming it into a playground all things Percy Jackson. We had fun, he got to dress up and run around camp Half-Blood with his peers and we got minimal candy that we had to give away.  Running around the park with a pack of other fans was much more fun than grabbing candy.  Then on actual day of my not so favorites “holiday” we turned off all of the lights and hid in the back of the house and ate healthy snacks and watched Dr. Who on the DVR.

2.  Make a New Tradition:

Thanksgiving was not so bad.  Our college age daughter could not attend until the day after so we just puttered around and ended up eating dinner at Carl’s Jr.  This is a not so healthy new tradition for us but we figure we can count it as our once a quarter trek out for fast food that we just don’t eat much anymore.  Then we had a quiet healthy family dinner on Friday.  Not anything huge but we cooked together and enjoyed each others presence and talked and talked.

3.  Simplify Old Traditions:

Christmas is now upon us. Our son has a list three pages long. He is the last of the children so I guess I cannot complain much about this. The adults have reached the point of having most of what they need so in order so simplify this year, I am making practical things that are fun, simple and actually needed. Like bath soaks (see this post HERE for recipe). We hit the farmers market and got fun dips, chutneys and other local interesting items that people might not get for themselves.

Most important and what helped me eliminate my stress levels by making me and my family feel helpful, was that we took the money we did not spend on things we don’t need and helped out some people in our church and our community who needed some extra cheer for their Thanksgiving and Christmas times with their families.

4.  Un-decorate:

Decorating cause me a great deal of stress. I know this is a HUGE part of what makes Christmas for some people. For me is hard enough to keep what I have in order and clean. Just the  idea of bringing out and unloading boxes and boxes of stuff, finding places to put them and then in two or three weeks having to take a whole day putting it back again gives me the willies!   I do however enjoy peaceful evening drives enjoying the hard work others have put in on decorating their front yards!  To those people, THANK YOU!

Holiday Stress

I ran across this blog yesterday that I just LOVED and I know it is going to help me be a little less stressed this year as I decorate this week. The title is “When you need to UnDecorate for Christmas”.  It so hit a chord in me.  If you are like me you will like this as well.  UnDecorate and enjoy the season, check out this Blog post HERE.

How do you keep your holiday season less stressful? Let me know in the comments below – help me simplify even more with your ideas!

To your health and a stress free holiday season!

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