Keys to more Zzz’s: A better night sleep.

I Sleep Better with Essential Oils:  By Jim Morris I just learned that Koala Bears spend four hours a day eating and the remaining 20 sleeping.  Jealous much? As I get older and find more things to worry about, I’ve increased my openness to steps to boost my sleep.  After all, a good night’s rest […]

Stress is a part of life: Let’s deal with it!

Ever feel like there is just too much on your shoulders? Stress weighing on you? Picture a waitress handed one plate, then another and another, until she is playing the balancing act. Sometimes life can feel this way. Between families pulling us in different directions and work challenges, stress can creep its way in. It […]

Eliminate Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

This time of year causes me and particularly my husband a lot of stress. We still have the daily grid that we have each day; work, school, home maintenance and regular family obligations.  Now add the additional obligations all the holidays bring and WOW, no amount of Stress Away essential oil can make it go […]

Reduce Stress: Follow your Passion

Black Skimmer skimming

Recently my husband and I traveled together and were each able to follow our passion and as a side benefit reduce stress while we were away (no kids!). Jim ran the Santa Barbara Marathon and I got to photograph birds that are not native to our neck of the woods. One of the most well-known […]

Combat Stress: 7 Simple Ways

Here are 7 simple methods to combat stress: 1. Express Humor And Be Happy. Laugh hard and loud. If you don’t have a sense of humor, find someone else who has. Laughter releases endorphins (happy chemicals) from the body, and it helps boost your immune system. Watch those silly cat videos on YouTube!  Our family […]