6 Ideas for Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

An important key to wellness is maintaining work life balance in your daily routine.   Anything – work, time spent caring for family, and even our attempts to maintain good habits – can become a problem when it begins causing stress, or using up time you need to recharge. But who has time to find balance? […]

Scented Pine Cone DIY Holiday Decorations

DIY Holiday Decoration

During the holiday season a great way to save money (and lower financial stress in the process) is to make some of your own decorations.  DIY holiday decorations are easy to make and often you have all the items needed in your cupboards at home! Here are just two to get your mind flowing with […]

Embrace your Quirky Side and Thrive!

Benefits of Embracing Your Quirky Side Live authentically. You can make your own decisions instead of going along with the crowd. Spend time on activities that are meaningful for you, regardless if they’re viewed as quirky. Let your genuine nature shine through. You’ll attract friends who appreciate your true personality. Boost your confidence. Feel comfortable […]

Meditation Inspired by Glass

Glass Flower Meditation

Meditation comes in many forms.  For me it is when I contemplate things internally.  Sometimes I write down the thoughts I have when I think about all sorts of stuff.  Sometimes I read the bible and pray over something that caught my eye and caused me to meditate on.  Meditation can be short or long, […]

Live Longer: 5 Healthy Habits

Healty Habits Exercise, spring cleaning for your health

Throughout our lives we will form habits that will improve our quality of life and some that will not. The most important thing we can do is take control of our lives and habits we pick up over time. Although it’s true that no one knows how long they will live, there are steps we […]

Relax with Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Baby its getting cold outside! I am only allowed one cup of coffee a day so when the cold weather creeps in during the fall and winter months, I am not satisfied with just one cup of yummy warmness and later in the day a cozy mug full of peppermint hot chocolate is just what […]

Are you Tired of being Tired?

Are you tired of being tired?  I sure was! My name is Leslie Morris and I’m the creator and author of Balance for Busy Families. If you are anything like me you have been searching for ways to take care of yourself and your family in the most natural healthy ways possible. You desire a […]