When the Dog Bites – Bite back with DiGize Essential Oil


Helping me stomach all that flavor!  By Guest Blogger Jim Morris Yogi Bear’s Holy Grail was a picnic basket. Wimpy loves a good burger. Heck, even svelte Fraulein Maria craves schnitzel with noodles. Some of my favorite things would include sweet, tangy and calorific Beijing Beef, fall of the bone Baby Back Ribs and mountainous […]

Stress is a part of life: Let’s deal with it!

Ever feel like there is just too much on your shoulders? Stress weighing on you? Picture a waitress handed one plate, then another and another, until she is playing the balancing act. Sometimes life can feel this way. Between families pulling us in different directions and work challenges, stress can creep its way in. It […]

Help, I’m married to a Witch Doctor!

Husband Guide To Essential Oils

Essential Oils from a Man’s Perspective By Jim Morris In many things I’m about as conservative as they come. If there’s work to be done, you do it. If you have a bill outstanding you pay it. If you have a small ache, take a pill and shake it off. A more substantial body ache? […]

What Makes Essential Oils ‘Essential’?

For those who haven’t used them, essential oils might seem strange, new or both. The word “oil” has plenty of meanings, depending on the context. It might be used in cooking, as with vegetable oil, or in driving, as with motor oil. I started using essential oils for my family after a friend shared with […]

Scented Pine Cone DIY Holiday Decorations

DIY Holiday Decoration

During the holiday season a great way to save money (and lower financial stress in the process) is to make some of your own decorations.  DIY holiday decorations are easy to make and often you have all the items needed in your cupboards at home! Here are just two to get your mind flowing with […]

Get your Omega 3 : Eat like a pelican!

Pelican Omega 3

The essential fatty acids in Omega 3 have long been known for their many health benefits. Many clinical studies have proven that the biggest benefits come from DHA and EPA. These studies show that Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.  […]

Essential Motivation to Exercise

Exercise treadmill

You know you need to exercise, but getting out the door for a walk or a run is sometimes much more difficult than it seems. Particularly during the holidays, you just don’t have the time or you are too busy adding more calories to burn off. You’ve got all the excuses in the world not […]