6 Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning with Essential OilsAs days lengthen and the sun peeks out from behind clouds, our minds turn to the rebirth of spring.

It’s also natural to turn our minds indoors at this time of year. After all: We’ve been holed up for the past several months, and there’s no better time than the present to freshen our entire outlook!

With that in mind, consider using one or more of the following 6 essential oils for spring cleaning. These are among our most popular products for cleaning, and after you use them, you’ll see why. Not only will they fill your home with amazing fragrance—we suspect they’ll also calm and soothe your mind and body.  Four of these oils come in the Premium Starter Kit that you may have just purchased!

Lavender Essential Oil

Scent: Fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous
Best cleaning qualities: Helps you relax and unwind

Lemon Essential Oil

Scent: Strong, purifying, citrus
Best cleaning qualities: Revitalizes and uplifts

Pine Essential Oil

Scent: Refreshing, invigorating
Best cleaning qualities: Soothing essence

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Scent: Warm and spicy
Best cleaning qualities: Supports wellness as an antiseptic

Thieves Essential Oil Blend

Scent: Clean-smelling, drawing on accents of cloves, rosemary and other aromatics
Best cleaning qualities: Supports wellness in the areas of the immune system and overall health

Purification Essential Oil Blend

Scent: Clean-smelling
Best cleaning qualities: Neutralizes odors

No matter how you put essential oils to work in your home, these products won’t fail you! Happy cleaning!

If you have yet to get started using Essential Oils to balance your family’s health and welless, ask me how or visit my Essential Oils Page livinglifewithessentialoils.com to learn more.

To your health!.

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