6 Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

As days lengthen and the sun peeks out from behind clouds, our minds turn to the rebirth of spring. It’s also natural to turn our minds indoors at this time of year. After all: We’ve been holed up for the past several months, and there’s no better time than the present to freshen our entire […]

6 Ideas for Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

An important key to wellness is maintaining work life balance in your daily routine.   Anything – work, time spent caring for family, and even our attempts to maintain good habits – can become a problem when it begins causing stress, or using up time you need to recharge. But who has time to find balance? […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Health

Healty Habits Exercise, spring cleaning for your health

Winter had plenty of fun to offer, but in many places it also meant more time indoors—and opportunities to share illnesses such as the flu among loved ones. Are you ready from some spring cleaning for your health? As we move past peak flu season and head into spring, there are plenty of opportunities to […]

How Toxic is your Home?

Drugs don't heal

How Toxic is your Home? Many store-bought air fresheners and household cleaners contain toxic chemicals, spreading them throughout your home every time you use them. You’ve probably used these products for years, and may be thinking to yourself that you’ve yet to experience any side effects. But did you know that prolonged use can cause […]

Why Drugs Don’t Heal

Drugs don't heal

A reprint of an amazing article describing why drugs don’t heal. WHY OILS HEAL AND DRUGS DON’T by David Stewart, Ph.D. Drugs don’t heal.  But if you tell a medical doctor that essential oils can bring about healing with no negative side effects, they won’t believe you. This is because in medical school students are […]

Get Energy Naturally

Energy:  Are you tired and lack afternoon energy? Do you rely on caffeine or even worse, sugary drinks to provide energy through that afternoon slump?  Are you tired of scary side effects like “the jitters” or even heart palpation’s and then the dreaded CRASH when the energy drink effects wear off? What if I tell […]

Keys to more Zzz’s: A better night sleep.

I Sleep Better with Essential Oils:  By Jim Morris I just learned that Koala Bears spend four hours a day eating and the remaining 20 sleeping.  Jealous much? As I get older and find more things to worry about, I’ve increased my openness to steps to boost my sleep.  After all, a good night’s rest […]